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Ten Reasons to Visit Carlingford Heights

Carlingford Heights is in County Louth, Ireland, and has wonderful countryside views, especially if you stay in the Swiss style lodge. Ireland is a friendly country, and its people are full of tales of the myths and legends that abound in that part of the world. The area is only fifty miles from Dublin Airport, but, in style, many more miles from any large city or town! The heights in Carlingford offer wonderful views to visitors, as do the not far distant Mountains of Mourne.

Great Accommodation

There are plenty of places to stay in Carlingford, and some are great just to visit. The Swiss style lodge at Carlingford Heights has plenty of space, and this self-catering accommodation has some of the best views of the area of Carlingford and of Slieve Foy. The lodge is just a short walk away from Carlingford itself, and from all the things this part of Ireland has to offer its visitors.

The Leprechaun and Fairy Underground Cavern

The Irish are noted for their connections with the fairy world; Carlingford is no exception as it is reputed to be the home of the last leprechaun. When you go on this visit you’ll be taken to the shop where there are hundreds of leprechauns to choose from; then it’s upstairs for a talk. You will hear the story of the leprechauns, and that Carlingford is reputed to be the home of the last one. Kevin, who tells the story, is said to be a leprechaun whisperer and when you go down into the cavern, you’ll also hear about the fairies and the magical sprite.

The Cooley Whiskey Visitor Centre

The centre is the home of the Cooley range of whiskies, and you’ll learn how they distill the spirit and about coopering, which is an ancient trade.

Adventure Centre

Visit the Carlingford Adventure Centre and join in some of the great activities that are available to visitors. It’s also the place where they host hen and stag parties who want a taste of adventure.

Carlingford Marina

Visit the Marina while you’re in Carlingford for some wonderful views, especially those looking out across the sea.

The Design House

If you visit the design house towards the end of your stay, you will find plenty of wonderful gifts, including some beautiful jewellery for the people back home.

Ghan House

Visit the Ghan House cookery school, and see what goes into both local dishes and into cuisine from across Ireland.

Carlingford Heritage Centre

The Carlingford Heritage Centre is housed in a beautiful medieval church, which is also used for weddings and other functions. You will also see the written history of the area, including when the Vikings landed.

Carlingford Farmers’ Market

Even if you are staying in a place where all of your meals are provided, a visit to the local farmers’ market makes for a good day out.

Carlingford Castle

Carlingford is a medieval town with a long history, and a visit to the castle is a must when you are in the area.